Brazil Initiates Program To Eradicate Malnutrition

LAGOA DA CARIDADE, BRAZIL – FEBRUARY 16: Residents of Lagoa da Caridade prepare honey for shipment to national and international markets at the community’s processing plant February 16, 2003 in Lagoa da Caridade, Brazil. Lagoa da Caridade is situated in the state of Piaul, which is one of the poorest in Brazil. Piaul is often affected by severe droughts and is located a little more than one hundred kilometers (62 miles) away from Acaua. Organized and funded by the local diocese, out of the initiative of a German priest, the residents of Lagoa da Caridade and other surrounding communities, started tending bees for honey and goats for meat for market to Brazil’s big cities as well as for export. Residents work together on each other fields, increasing productivity. As a result of their income, residents can eat for an entire year as well as improve their homes and community. Some are even able to purchase television sets and refrigerators, items which are almost nonexistant in places like Acaua. (Photo by Andre Felipe/Getty Images)